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Random ramblings of a vaguely unstable mind

(The story of me)

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The wrong side of thirty, I'm fairly happy with my life. I'm on my second career - started off as a registered nurse, got disillusioned, now I'm a solicitor (attorney at law type for you US people). Work full time, fill in my spare time with graphic design (also known as dicking around in photoshop, pretending to know what I'm doing) with a semi-professional line in webdesign (mostly on the graphics side for my husbands business, though I'm getting better with the coding side of things too). I'm one of the owners of hollow-art.com which seems to be up there with the most popular icon archives around and growing by the day. I also mod and play in RPGs various from time to time. I write, when I get a moment. There's a book somewhere, but I don't have a whole lot of free time, so the manuscript's mostly gathering dust.

This journal is partly friends only, which means if there's anything interesting going on, it's locked. And sorry, I won't add you unless I know you - that's what friends mean. I don't randomly add people who ask, just because.

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I'm not really one for colour bars, but I loved this one by stewpotc and couldn't resist